Welcome to Ericon Capital
Property investment specialists to the public sector

Welcome to ericonCapital Ltd 

With central Government funding  on a clear downward trend, Local Authorities have become increasingly entrepreneurial and dynamic by looking for ways to secure income from their non-operational property assets to contribute more for their front line services.  The Local Government Act 2003 granted new powers and removed restrictions to allow a more commercial approach which allows greater self reliance in funding.  The General Power of Competence (GPC), introduced by the Localism Act 2011 gave further powers allowing councils to develop new and innovative business models. 

Ericon Capital specialises in advising local authorities on the sourcing and acquisition of suitable property investments for their in-house portfolio.  We bring 20 years of private practice investment market contacts, experience and knowledge to provide expert assistance inside the property team as a specialist retained expert.  Ericon brings a wealth of expert advice, knowledge and capability which may not be available in-house or would be expensive and/or inappropriate to retain on a permanent basis.

We act independently of any broking agency but work with them to ensure that the local authority achieves best value.  

We have a thorough understanding and experience of internal council procedures and the requirements of the Prudential Code relating to property investments.  We work with Finance and Legal Colleagues and present direct to members, where necessary.  We also understand how a local authority can take advantage of its special position in the market to get the highest returns.

What we can do:

  • Health-check existing portfolio
  • Advise on strategy for under performing assets
  • Help prepare investment strategy and business case
  • Advise on acquisition strategy and procedures
  • Source investment opportunities
  • Filter and score opportunities
  • Cash flow modelling - including MRP advice to maximise net income
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Present to colleagues and/or members
  • Due diligence advice
  • Manage outside agents
  • Set up ongoing management arrangements
  • National coverage
  • And much much more....
Contact us:

Jason Birch BSc MRICS
Investment Director
0203 290 0410
07968 826865